Monday 8 September 2014

Weekend round-up 1

Well there we go, another weekend has passed us by, and what a miserably wet weekend it was!

Hubby organised a skip to be delivered first thing on Saturday morning..and first thing it was...around 7am I think. For those of you that are early risers, that seems reasonable, right? But here in this little cottage, we aren't fans of the 'early to bed, early to rise' theory.

So, the kids had stayed over at my parents house the night before. As they, the grandparents that is...felt like they hadn't seen the kids 'for ages'. So we packed their over night bags, along with the obligatory cuddly toys and the odd bit of Lego and dolly, and headed to Nanny and Nonnos for dinner.
And really let's face it, no one quite cooks like your mum, don't you agree?

Then as Saturday rolled around, the kids and grandparents went on a little adventure to the Australian Museum. Hubby worked hard filling the skip bin, and I pottered about the house, tidying and getting as much of the dreaded washing done as I possibly could in all this wet weather we have been having here in Sydney.

The kids returned home late Saturday afternoon and normal transmission was resumed.

Dinner...showers...bed time (for the kids)...and a well earned glass of red for hubby and I.
So all was right in the world.

Sunday morning...Father's Day here in Australia...and I had already prepped the kids to remind them that daddy isn't an 'up and at 'em' kind of guy, and that being his special day, he would probably appreciate a sleep in. So some time after 8am the kids rolled into our room and hugs and present and card giving ensued.

Don't you just love the cards the kids make? Their drawings they always add are always my favourite.

And as usual, I made one for hubby too.

So how do you celebrate Father's Day?

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