Monday 20 June 2011

Birthday girl

I realised that I have forgotten to share with you all some of the piccys from my beautiful bubba's 3rd birthday. We all had so much fun. We celebrated on two occasions, once with grandparents and then again at her very first 'official' birthday party. It was pretty much an 'all girls' affair, aside from her every loving big brother, who played lolly distributor on the day,a much coveted job, which he adored.

xx mama

Saturday 18 June 2011

My spot for a cuppa

Thought I would share with you today a little pic of my favourite spot to have my morning cuppa. A little spot just off our bedroom, where I can watch the world go by and my little one can join me with her little chair too.
Do you have a favourite spot to have your cuppa? Let me know where it is, and what it is about that spot that makes it special for you.

xx mama